I recently traveled to Iceland, and I sincerely think it's a destination everyone should visit at least once in their lives. Please go! I've been home for a few weeks and am already feeling that tug in my gut to go back. Iceland is easily a collection of the strangest and most beautiful landscapes I believe I will ever see. I could've cried at everything.

Go to Iceland! I've never seen moss so green or grass so golden. I've never tried to touch so many animals that wanted nothing to do with me. It's windy and cold and uninviting, but so indescribably beautiful in every conceivable stinkin' way. Seriously. Get yourself a Northface and a rental car with heated seats, you'll be fine. Just go to Iceland. 

Make travel a priority, no matter how poor it makes you. Do it while you're young and able and have less tying you down. Do it when you're older and have more experience, and time. The world is too big and we are too small. I, for one, will see the whole dang thing some day.

Oh, hey there!

This is the first post in the fancy new blog section of my website! Yay! I decided I needed a space to talk about some current and past projects, as well as a place I can test new jokes and whine about my dog being noisy. I have big plans for myself. I have big, big plans. It's 2014 and I'm all in. It's time to stop settling and move forward with adulthood. It's time to realize my potential and utilize every conceivable talent to get to where I'm going. We're all put on this earth with something special to offer. Well, it's time to offer it.

On top of career goals, I'm also setting some humanitarian goals for myself, and that's something I urge everyone to do. We are all so fortunate, regardless of the size and scale, and regardless of our personal struggles. It's important to extend a hand to those that have less. It's ok to start small. Smile at the people you pass when you're walking down the street. Hold the door for someone coming or going behind you. Be a better person, and that attitude will spread.

Cheers to all the new and exciting things happening!