Nostalgia has always been very, very important to me. I've been chasing that feeling my entire life. When I was ten, I was romantically reminiscent about being five, and if you've spent much time with me, you're probably sick of hearing me say "hey, remember that one time." Photography became my way of connecting to that longing I felt toward past moments, and I approach my work with a passionate fascination with capturing all the beautiful, fleeting little happenings, and extending them to others.

I am a Baltimore based photographer with a BS in Visual Communication Design from Stevenson University. I'm an adventurer, a dog mom, and a brown-thumbed plant enthusiast. I also have a passion for world travel, great vegetarian food, and those indescribably perfect, quiet mornings where you wake up before your alarm.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions, or to schedule an appointment. Thanks!